Our cuisine

Brasserie Sublime has a French-oriented cuisine. We draw on worldly influences to create subtle flavour combinations in our dishes.

Pure and fresh

We like to surprise our guests with homemade delicacies. The food we prepare is made exclusively from top-quality ingredients. We are proud of all the dishes we serve from the chef’s specials to the bar food and pastries. You can tell just by looking at your plate that the food is pure and natural, and freshly made.

Our menu

Every month, our chef presents a new menu. The number of courses is entirely up to you. You can of course also eat à la carte. We like to cook with the seasons, which means we regularly present different specialities depending on the time of year. We have a separate cocktail and food menu at the bar. For groups of 8 or more we only serve our surprise menu.

À la carte is available for up to 8 people, from 8 people we serve a menu. Our surprise menu can only be ordered per table.

Veal croquettes, Thomas Kellenaers, coarse mustard, spices 9,50
Soto ajam, coconut, soybeans, egg, vegetables 9,50
Croque monsieur, béchamel, gruyère, ham, Gouda 9,50
Goat cheese, salad, honey, roasted nuts, cheese workshop 9,50
Old cheese, mustard seed, piccalilly, radish, sweet and sour 11,50
Spinata romana, aceto balsamico, rocket, pickle, beech mushroom 11,50
Mackerel, tempered, dried tomato, avocado, black olive, egg 11,50
Toast cannibal, brioche, ketchup, Waalwijk's sour, tabasco 11,50
Shrimp croquettes, Thomas Kellenaers, tarragon dip, lemon, parsley 13,50
Tuna tataki, tay soy, soybeans, leek, spring onion, red pepper 13,50
M.R.IJ, cheese spread, truffle mayonnaise, pickle, parmesan, roasted nuts 13,50
Caesar salad, chicken, anchovies, croutons, little gem, tomato 13,50
Surprise menu
3 dishes 39,50
4 dishes 47,50
5 dishes 53,50
6 dishes 62,50
Accompanying wines, by the glass 7,00
Cheese extra course 10,00
Cheese instead of dessert 7,50
À La Carte
Ceviche, salmon, tomato, cockles, emulsion, puffed wild rice 15,50
Norway lobster, tartar, goat cheese, mandarin, kaffir lime, prawn crackers 16,50
Cannelloni of crab, rettich, orange, passion fruit, maniquette pepper 15,50
M.R.IJ. thinly sliced, spread cheese, truffle mayonnaise, Waalwijk's acid, toast, vinaigrette 15,50
Steak tartar, calf, cèpes, sauerkraut, savora, mushroom 16,50
Main courses
Tournedos, persillade, green asparagus, curry & coffee, pumpkin, coffee, gravy 29,50
Simmental, mustard, sukade, onion, artichoke, grains, red wine gravy 28,50
Pig cheek, rendang, cashew, sesame, paksoy shanghai, foam of puffed garlic 25,50
Kingfish, artichoke barigoule, black olive, crumble, gravy of black olives 26,50
Anglerfish, coconut, sereh, ginger, lotus root, lime rice 27,50
Cheese from the "cheese showcase", international, with fitting garnish 15,50
Praline, coffee, passion fruit, ganache 12,50
Pear, cinnamon, mille feuille, toffee, cream suisse 12,50
Bar food
Bread, butter, aioli black garlic, olive oil 4,50
Pata negra 50 grams 13,00
Pata negra 100 grams 25,00
Oyster Gillardeau nr. 3 natural 4,50
Oyster Gillardeau nr. 3 Oriental 4,75
Calf-bitterballs Thomas Kellenaers, coarse mustard, spices, 8 pieces 7,50
Shrimp bitterballs Thomas Kellenaers, tarragon dip, lemon, parsley, 10,00
French fries, fresh mayonnaise, viking salt 3,50
Spring roll, chicken, soybean chilli dip, spring onion, 5 pieces 6,50
Padron peppers, sel maldon, sauce romesco 6,50
Old cheese 800 days matured 8,50
Burns and Levie fennel sausage 75 grams 5,25
Burns and Levie chipotle & cocoa sausage 75 grams 5,25
Brioche sandwich, pulled chicken, coleslaw, bbq-lacquer 7,50
Steamed bun, belly bacon, hoi sin , leek, spring onion, 2 pieces 8,00
Wines by the glass
Cava Brut 'Organic Single Vineyard' Dignitat Penedès 6,00
Chardonnay ‘Réserve’ Chalmet 2016 Languedoc 6,00
Verdejo ‘Erre de Herrero’ Jose Manuel de Herrero 2018 Rueda 6,00
Sauvignon Blanc ‘Janine Vedel’ Bodegas Herrera 2017 Rueda 6,00
Quattro di Rossi ‘Ripassato’ Monteforte 2016 Veneto 6,00
MIMI en Provence ‘Grande Resèrve’ Vins Bréban 2018 Provence 6,00
Gin tonic spicy 9,50
Gin tonic fresh 9,50
Gin tonic fruity 9,50
Vermouth tonic 9,50
Cairo 10,00
Negroni 10,00
Moscow mule 10,00
Whiskey sour 10,00
Espresso martini 10,00
Sublime cocktail 8,50
Veltins Pilsener 25 cl (tap) 2,75
Veltins Malt 3,00
Veltins Radler Malt 3,00
La Trappe Isi D'or (tap) 4,50
La Trappe White Trappist (tap) 3,75
La Trappe Blonde 4,50
La Trappe Double 4,50
La Trappe Triple 4,50
Vedett Extra Blonde Pilsener 4,00
Vedett Extra IPA 4,00
Vedett Extra White 3,75
Liefmans Fruitesse 3,50
Liefmans Goldilocks 6,50
Liefmans Kriek Brut 6,50
Corona Mexican Bear 5,50



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